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The Right Content for your Website: Start your Digital Marketing Plan with great content across multiple channels. 

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Landing Pages

Getting traffic to your site may be tricky, but keeping them there is even harder!

(tl;dr – skip to the form at the bottom and our digital marketing geeks will get you started)

For the 2-5% of visitors still reading this page, you might be curious to know how you can improve audience engagement on your landing pages.

But what is the right content for your website?

Actually it turns out there are just a few standard rules of engagement in your copywriting. Assuming your audience has been correctly targeted, they are already interested and probably somewhat familiar in your offer. That’s how they made it to your landing page! Check out these 5 basic content closers to keep them plunging in to your message:

  1. Have a conversation – Write like you are having a conversation over a cup of coffee, tea or even a smoothy (for you health nuts)! Let your audience relax, throw in a few quips and reassure them when you can anticipate doubt. Yes, seriously!
  2. In a word – Succinct! Keep the verbosity to a minimum but don’t oversimplify your message. We know YOU are smarter than the average bear. Your audience will be too!
  3. Activate your content – Write in passive Yoda voice you should not. Limit this tendency, you must! You’ll probably have justifiable clauses in your text but your writing should be in an active voice as often as possible.
  4. Serve the Pudding! That’s where the proof is, right? Your clever audience wants to see some facts, figures and data that back up your claims so you better deliver.
  5. Lose the ego – We know you have special knowledge in your field. That doesn’t mean you should show it off in your copywriting. You can always provide a download link to dry, poignant and technical jargon in a white-paper. Leave it there! Keep the majority of your text relatable and positioned at a 50,000-foot view.


Once you have the basics of generating consistently great content you are ready to keep rolling it out each day on your blog. A blog is a simple way to keep building your SEO juice as well as your customer base because you can use it everywhere! Remember when you were a kid and you kept a journal? You really just wanted that cool diary with the lock on it, right? Whether you started the habit then or not, you can start now and leverage your daily or weekly content by syndicating all or parts of it in emails, social media and PPC ads.

Social Media Posts

Despite recently being on the chopping block, social media platforms are here to stay. If you are not pinging them daily you are practically invisible! Maybe you are already a power-user with your go-to syndication tool or perhaps you are outpaced by your own grandmother when it comes to posting your status. Either way, we should talk about how you can most effectively use this mega media sounding board with our marketing automation and content syndication platform.

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