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Jumping Through SEO Hoop

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Capture & Identify Your Website Visitors

Here’s the Scenario:

You’ve generated detailed content focused on your unique products or services.

You think you have jumped through all the SEO hoops to make your site search-friendly.

You’ve crafted great ad-copy and strategized a budget-friendly PPC campaign.

Your site is attracting visitors… But who are they!?

Learn how to capture & identify your website visitors, convert your traffic to leads then identify and segment them into audiences so you can tailor your message!

Maybe you are selling hand-crafted soaps, running a boutique pet-store that trains cats to flush a toilet or you’re a professional chain-saw sculptor that builds amazing art from wood and blocks of ice. If so, your ads probably already did the heavy lifting and your audience is pre-segmented.

However, if you have a few different offers for your clients to consider, a mix of services, product lines or customizable packages, or if you are B2B, it would be nice to know whether your visitors are decision makers or influencers in a particular industry. Moreover, wouldn’t it be nice to link a visitor to a landing page on your site or see how much time they spent on a specific page? What if you could add them to a list that will trigger a customized, non-intrusive, tailored email campaign that was written directly for them?

Okay, okay… I know what you are thinking — “This is exactly what they’ll do as soon as I fill out the form below…” Well you’re not wrong!

But wait, here’s the deal

1) We don’t send annoying emails. We do send occasional, informative newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the latest marketing automation techniques.

2) We can serve you and your business best when you tell us a little more!

Let XLR8 Digital help you capture & identify your website visitors with a powerful CRM & Marketing Automation Platform, and we’ll never leave you hanging! Like all our platforms and services, it comes with custom setup, training & consultation support.

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