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SEO Improves Google Ranking

Let XLR8 Digital conduct a thorough SEO Audit to review your website and provide recommendations  to improve its performance in search engines, especially Google ranking.

Our Audits provide a comprehensive On-Page, Off-Page & Technical SEO Report. See a snapshot of the metrics we analyze.

SEO Site Audit Scorecard - SEO Improves Google Ranking


  • Navigation bar
  • Presence of Social Media Icons
  • Logical navigation
  • Direct link to sign up for
  • newsletter
  • Page Redirects
  • Footer
  • Quality content
  • Design/Layout
  • High quality pictures
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Page Size
  • Loading Speed
  • Compression



SEO Technical Scorecard - SEO Improves Google Ranking


  • Technical Navigation
  • URLs
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Data with relevant keywords
  • Header Tags H1-H2-H3: that includes keywords
  • Content Originality (duplicates)
  • Images Alt Text/File name
  • hreflang tags



How SEO Improves Google Ranking

Quality Content. The design of the content on the desktop and mobile may need to contain different information so that it is not overwhelming to the reader. There should be a main focal point or specific actions for the user to take.

Page Size. Pages below 3MB in size are lighter and more responsive. Google has stated page rankings will get a boost if pages load as fast as possible. This is especially true on mobile.  

It is recommended to take action by Compressing Images properly for a balance between quality and load speed.

High quality pictures: The quality and alt-tags of graphics on your website is important. 

Design/Layout: The sitemap should target the most accurate information for search engines crawling the site.  It is important for your site to be mobile friendly so users are able to navigate easily on any mobile device to search for new products or information.

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